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Portable homemade disinfectant water sprayer

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Portable homemade disinfectant water sprayer

This disinfectant sprayer can sterilize germs, mildew, viruses effectively and prevent from the hepatitis, influenza and other diseases. It can degrade many kinds of harmful chemicals like pesticides residues on vegetables and fruits.

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product details

Product Description

Product Name
2020 new technology hotsale Portable homemade disinfectant water sprayer for home use
Food-grade ABS & PC
make disinfectant water
packed in carton box

Product performance description

Disinfectant water sprayer with only ordinary salt and water, make efficient disinfectant at home. Non-toxic and environment
friendly, no chemical residue.

Disinfectant liquid sprayer

Details Images

Disinfectant water makerDisinfectant fluid machineDisinfectant generator
Product Usage

Product usage introduction

Add water and two spoons of salt, and then electrolysis for 10 minutes, then you can sprayer the water to remove harmful germ from indoor and outdoor activities where people live with their families.
Disinfectant maker

Description of product use effect

Semi-Automatic spray makes it easier to spray and also dispense 0.03mm compressed micro-spray and long-distance. It is easy to remove harmful germ from indoor and outdoor activities where people live with their families.

Disinfectant water generator

Disinfectant liquid maker


Disinfectant liquid sprayer

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