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hot sale alkaline alkaline water purifier

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hot sale alkaline alkaline water purifier

This product provides an efficient water filtration system that is environmentally friendly and offers you and your family the enjoyment of pure energy and healthy water.

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Non-electrical counter top 4-stage-filter alkaline water purifier

Efficient Alkaline Water Purifierhot sale Alkaline Water Purifier

Having an Efficient Alkaline Water Purifier is #1 Priority!

This product provides an efficient water filtration system that is environmentally friendly and offers you and your family the enjoyment of pure energy and healthy water.

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:EHM

Model Number:EHM-014


Unit Size:20cm * 20cm * 34cm

Net Weight:3 KG

Source Water:Municipal Tap Water

Water Pressure:0.10-0.4 MPA

Water Flow:0.6-6 L/m

PH Level:7.5-9.0

ORP Level:-230 mV(Max)

Filter Quantity:4 Stages Filter

Filter Life:2000L

Ambient Temperature:5℃~40℃


Features and Advantage:

1. No electricity consumption, no waste water, no pump, no tank. Energy Saving And without Plugging In, suitable for all kitchens layout.

2. 5 Minutes Quick & Simple Installation. Changing water filter is also very convenient.

3. Capacity is 20~40 LPH depend of water pressure.

4. Create Alkaline water with pH 7.5~9.0(Depending on the local water quality and water flow rate)

5. Produce small cluster of molecules water, which the body cells can absorb more easily and efficiently.

Filters Functions:

Stage 1: PP Sediment Filter

The filtration precision is 5 microns. It can remove the rust, sediment and large particles suspended solids etc., from the water effectively.

Stage 2: Compound Alkaline & Mineral Filter

It improves PH level to be alkaline and adds more inorganic minerals for goal healthy body (Ca, K, Na, Mg…). Produce smaller water cluster, which will be absorbed more easily and more efficiently by the body. Produce water with -100mv to -200mv ORP Oxidation Reduction Potential(level of antioxidants).

Stage 3: Ultra Filtration Filter

UF membrane filtration precision is 0.01 micron. It can remove the harmful substance from the water, such as mud, sand, rust, colloid, bacteria, virus and so on.

Stage 4: Activated Carbon Filter

It inhibits scale's generation and effectively removes heavy metals and chlorine, bad taste, and limescale.

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