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Ionized Water Machine

Ionized Water Machine

  • Advanced technology water ionizers
    • Sep 07,2020

    o put it simply, the purpose of the water ionizer is simple. The water flows into a cell where it receives the negative and positive charges that separate the alkaline water from the acidic water. Alkaline water can then be distributed for drinking. Alkaline ionized water has 3 important characteristics: High pH Compared with ordinary tap water or bottled water, ionized water is more alkaline, whi...

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  • The benefits of buying a water ionizer?
    • Sep 07,2020

    Adjacent to air, there is nothing more important to your health than water! The most basic nutrient in life is water. For some reasons, people never know or never see its importance to life and health. The type and quality of the water you drink varies greatly. The best way to get the best drinking water is to ionize the water with an electric water ionizer. In addition to providing excellent filt...

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  • What is Water Ionizers' product warranty?
    • Feb 19,2019

    The warranty that is in effect at the time the machine is purchased is the one that is honored. The warranty does not cover repairs caused by customer neglect or by failure to stop the build-up of calcium in hard water areas. Neglect includes using the unit in a matter inconsistent with the directions in the owner's manual, as well as breakage resulting from dropping the unit or other carelessness...

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